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What better way to truly enjoy all that Maine has to offer than to elect a short term or long term cottage rental in beautiful Acadia? Renting a cottage provides guests with all the comfort and convenience of being at home, while providing easy access to the outdoors of Acadia National Park. Acadia Cottage Rentals are ideal for families, couples, and special events. Rentals are available for both the short term (usually by week) and the long term (up to a year).

While on vacation, you don’t have to be a tourist. By renting a cottage you can choose to live as the locals do with access to laundry utilities, a fully equipped kitchen, full bathrooms, and plenty of living space. It’s hard to believe the wide variety of properties available for rent in or close to Acadia. Choose from waterfront properties, secluded cabins, luxury condos and more. Enjoy all the amenities and conveniences of being at home with your Acadia Rental Cottage. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Rentals are a great option for both the individual vacationer and the family. Rental condos and cottages provide more flexibility and a homier, more comfortable environment. Rental cottages range in size, from cozier one bedroom studio style cottages, to spacious rentals of five or more bedrooms. Squeezing into a small property or dealing with the inconveniences of camping can hinder your ability to enjoy and appreciate your time off. Cottage rentals are the best choice for any party looking to fully relax and escape from the stressors of everyday life. Regardless of your party size, the wide variety of rental cottages in and outside of Acadia is sure to accommodate your lodging needs.

Rental cottages are also a great option for parties and special events. There is no better place to host a wedding party than in a beautiful Acadia rental cottage. Give your guests a chance to interact intimately, relax, and spend quality time together in the time surrounding this joyous occasion. Planning a special birthday soon? Why not choose to ring in a monumental age in a comfortable home in gorgeous Acadia. A rustic cottage set back in the mountains is also a favorite choice of couples celebrating anniversaries.

If you would like to experience the best of Acadia, consider renting a cottage today. With an infinite range in price, style, size, locations, and rentals that last from one week to multiple years, there are options to satisfy the needs and desires of every Acadia vacationer. Book your Acadia Rental event for your getaway or special event today to experience all the beauty of Acadia with the convenience of staying in a home.

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